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The Defects Of Die Casting

In fact, each metal die casting process has its unique advantages and disadvantages that we’ve discussed in the previous chapters. Below is a summary of the defects of die casting process: HIGH INITIAL COST Setting up the metal die casting plant can be an expensive process. This is the main reason why it is highly […]

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The Types Of Die Casting machine

Do you know there are how many types of die casting machine? The two principal types of die casting machines are: 1. Hot-Chamber Die Casting Machines 2. Cold-Chamber Die Casting Machines. 1. Hot-Chamber Die Casting Machines: A hot-chamber die casting machine is shown in Fig. 4.13 (a) and (b). The main Components of the machine […]

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The Advantages Of Die Casting

When it comes to die casting, it must be have advantages and disadvantages. Today let’s talk about the advantages of die casting. As we know that die casting is a versatile process used in industries. Home decor hardware, precision hardware, bathroom hardware, industrial tools, etc. It is possible to produce complex and dimensionally accurate parts. […]

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